The Answer (Solas) Additional guitar recording
Voodoo Vegas (Freak show  Candy Floss) Produced , Engineered and Mixed
Voodoo Vegas (Hypnotise EP) Produced , Engineered and Mixed
Opensight (Ulterior Motives EP) Produced, Engineered and Mixed
Mr Wilfred (SupeOctopus)  Mixed
Pipouro (Contraluz)   Mixed
The Answer (Raise a little hell) Exclusive Bonus CD "New Horizon Live" Mixed
The Answer (Raise a little hell) LTD-2 CD Digipack Produced and engineered and Mixed (Tracks)
The Answer (Raise a little hell)  Produced and engineered
The Heretic Order (All hail The Order) ,Co-produced , Engineered  and Mixed
The Answer (Spectacular ,Samba version)  , Mixed
7Almas (Nueva Tierra) Album co-pro , Engineered and Mixed
Skreamer (Photograph Single)  Produced , Engineered and Mixed
The Answer (New Horizon , single) , Mixed
The Answer (New Horizon, Special edition) Tracks , Mixed
The Answer (Spectacular ,single mix) , Mixed
Neuronspoiler  (Emergence)  P , E and Mixed
Intro (tbc) P , E and Mixed
Breed 77 (The Evil Inside) P, E and Mixed
7Deadly (The Allegiance EP) Mixed
Jackturbo (tbc) Mixed
Mab - Illusion P , E and Mixed
Arvol - Imagina P , E and Mixed
Biosfear -Antes de que todo acabe P , E and Mixed
Lethargy - After all is gone P , E
The Answer -412 Days of Rock & Roll P , Mixed
Panic Cell –Fire it Up –P , E and M
Breed 77 –Insects P , E 
The Answer –Never too Late ( U.S.A. EP , tracks)–P , E and M
The Answer –Everyday Demons (album)–Add -P and E
The Answer –Pride + B-sides (tracks)–P , E and M
The Answer –Live In Tokyo (album)–Mixed
Panic Cell –MTV Sessions (tracks)–P , E and M
The Mirage –rEvolucion (album)–P , E and M
The Answer –Rise Special Edition (album/tracks) –P , E and M
The Answer –Live At Planet Rock Xmas Party – Mixed
Mab –Decay (album)–P , E and M
Brigade –Come Morning We Fight (track) –Co-written
Breed 77 –Un Encuentro (album)–Add-P, Add-E and Add-M
The Answer –Rise (tracks)–P , E and M
The Answer –Come & Follow Me (single /tracks)–P , E and M
The Answer –Under The Sky (single/tracks)–P , E and M
Panic Cell –Fallen (single)–P , E and M
Remake –TBC (album)–Co-P and M
Suzyhope –Get Up (EP )–P , E and M
Breed 77 –In My Blood (album) – E
Helene –Routines (album)–E
The Answer –Keep Believing (EP)–Co-P , E and M
Mab –Pure (EP)–P , E and M
Greg Ridley –Anthology All I Ever needed (tracks)–E
Protoangel –(EP)–P , E and M
Aconite Thrill –Recliner (album)–Add Engineer
Mab –Unstable Dream (EP)–P , E and M
Happylife –Sweet Resort (album)– Add E and M
Breed 77 – Cultura (album/tracks)– Co-P and E
Violent Delight ¬–Transmission (album)–Add Enginneer